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Gifts with home delivery

Campo Marzio is a leading company in the field of writing instruments, often chosen as elegant and refined gifts.
In this connection, by purchasing any item, you can also choose the gifts with home delivery service.
In this case, the emphasis focuses on the package, which is chosen and created according to the principles of elegance, sobriety and refinement that underlie the company philosophy.

The gift with home delivery: a gesture of great effect

Having a gift sent with home delivery is a choice that denotes great discretion and elegance. Those who receive a gift at home experience an exciting moment, they feel important and considered. All the more reason why it is important that the packaging is aesthetically appealing and evocative, elegant and important to make everything even more special.
Campo Marzio attaches particular importance to standing out in this sense, placing emphasis and attention on all details and, therefore, also on the presentation of its prestigious and refined gift items.
If it is true that the content of a box is what counts, it is equally true that presentation is always important.

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Campo Marzio gift packages: luxurious and impeccable

Campo Marzio reserves special treatment for customers who order a gift with home delivery, consisting of a special package that is complete and luxurious. This is both to follow its principles of respect towards writing articles, and because it wants to satisfy its customers and have them cut a splendid figure.
Gift packages consist of refined and elegant coloured boxes that are appropriate caskets for containing the pen or chosen object, enclosed in paper bags closed and sealed with coloured ribbons.
All will be delivered to the recipient accompanied by an elegant card that looks like ahandwritten note, as the etiquette of labelling suggests in these cases.

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