Inspiring Creativity

Summer Collection


Inspiring Creativity is the new Campo Marzio collection shaped by the union with Olimpia Zagnoli, Illustrator, to give birth to a game of creativity. Illustration, writing and objects, merge together in a blend of forms and radiant colours that combine comfort, fashion, and design. The result is a double collection in Limited Edition. Truly unmissable!

Cartolina Treasure


“Treasure” is the 4th illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli for Campo Marzio Inspiring Creativity and is the fashion expression of Campo Marzio, wonderful combination of balance between design and manufacture, that lets our imagination free and carries us into reality with vibrant colours. Campo Marzio creates exclusive accessories to give your look a touch of originality: belts, cufflinks, keyrings, bags, wallets, many and in many colours. Because ultimately, the beauty of accessories lies in the small details that give it style and transform the look.


"Writing" is the third illustration of Olimpia Zagnoli for Campo Marzio Inspiring Creativity and represents the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of Campo Marzio, which began in 1933 when a craftsman gave rise to the Campo Marzio shop by making pens and inks, that were at the time, objects of great social distinction, among the noblest and most valuable gifts to give. Writing is still the pulsating heart of Campo Marzio: the pens reflect the blend between tradition and contemporary accompanied by a rainbow of coloured inks with bold and brilliant nuances. For Campo Marzio a pen gliding on a sheet of paper is both pleasure and beauty

Writing Postcard
Giving Postcard


Giving is the second illustration designed by Olimpia Zagnoli for Campo Marzio Inspiring Creativity. It is the joy of a gift given from the heart when you come into a Campo Marzio shop. It is a moment filled with different shapes and colours where every item becomes an object of desire and the ultimate gift for oneself or a loved one. The packaging itself is a work of art. The choice between the colours, the card and the engraving on a pen or a diary, are all part of the personalization of the gift. This makes the shopping experience a ritual that turns shopping into an art.


If we had to put down in words the essence of Campo Marzio, they would be: colour, design, detail, tradition, culture. There is a world behind, but most of all in front, of this essence, in the constant quest of searching beauty not only on a daily basis, but as a lifestyle. Business is fashion, represents the turning point of Campo Marzio in the '90s. The winning formula was to be pioneers in turning pens and work objects into fashionable accessories . The vibrancy of patterns and the combination of colors have been the key to giving the products an unmistakable, refined style and a touch of lightness like " So many butterfly wings that can bend the flowers.

Business is Fashion Postcard

Inspired by the artistic creativity of Olimpia Zagnoli, Campo Marzio produces a special Limited Edition Collection of Fashion accessories: Bags, mini bags, sunglasses, wallets, key rings, pens and notebooks, all to mix and match with each other. That's a colourful style with a touch of glamour.


Campo Marzio homage to femininity, imagining a contemporary, urban woman, always on the move, full of interests and hobbies. The Campo Marzio Inspiring Creativity collection offers a variety of fashion accessories with elegance and creativity, with which every woman can assert her style, her identity, her individuality.


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